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A million wells for Bengaluru is a project initiated with Bengaluru’s well diggers – a long standing intricate profession. It works towards natural recharging the aquifer of the city, providing a sustainable perspective. Below are a selection of articles on the campaign.

A million wells for Bengaluru

A cover story in Civil Society magazine

A recent photo essay on the well diggers work: We feel and smell it in the soil

Towards water security: How to dig a recharge well 

A comprehensive article on facts and numbers around recharge wells.

A Million Wells For Bengaluru – Home 

Facebook group of the initiative

Urban Water Supply & Sanitation in India 

This report covers the challenges associated with urban water supply and sanitation. In India, the problems of urban water and sanitation are complex and will need sustained management efforts for programs to function efficiently. This report highlights the multi-dimensional nature of the challenge  and sets out recommendations for strengthening existing policies and their implementation.

P Sainath: The water crisis is not caused by drought 

This is a compilation of different issues that Magsaysay award winner P. Sainath spoke about in a talk. The veteran journalist examines the agrarian crisis in different parts of the country, breaks down India’s water crisis and suggests what can be done about these issues.

Sponge cities – what is it all about?

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