This project aimed to identify dead zones (low oxygen zones) at Jakkur lake and rejuvenate one of them using Vortex or other suitable systems.

In Lakes and Wetlands there are certain areas which have stagnant water. These could be called Dead Zones. Water in these areas can be Anoxic or Anaerobic, depleted of Dissolved Oxygen. It has been observed that fish kills reported are first seen in these areas and around the shoreline.  Usually fishes closer to the centre/islands are not affected.

This project aims to identify these Dead Zones and rejuvenate one of them using Vortex or other suitable system and understand the role of Dissolved oxygen in a lake by monitoring the water quality in the dead zone for a period of 10 months. The project will also focus on understanding the instrumentality of the wetland by analysing different samples like Alligator weed, Water Hyacinth, Sediment, Fish for heavy metals/N/P and others parameters.


Project Start Date: April 2019

Dr. Annapurna Kamath, JaLaPoshan:
Shubha Ramachandran, BIOME:

Status report & updates:

As part of the project they identified 3 Dead Zones in Jakkur Lake. They also found that the Kalyani at Jakkur lake has low DO levels and worked at the Kalyani to see if they can revive the Dead Zone. They built a Solar Aerator (sponsored by Wipro) for this, as most lakes do not have power supply and they also wanted it to be mobile and used anywhere in the lake. Additionally they analyzed water at various points of the lake and the wetland to figure the instrumentality of the wetland.

The project has been successfully completed.