This project is an initiative of a team of Bangalore based designers, in collaboration with Bangalore Environment Trust. We wish to use our combined expertise to bring to light stories of socio-ecological relevance, in the Vrishabhavati basin.

Since Vrishabhavati is largely invisible in urban areas, it is forgotten and misused. The impacts of this misuse are then felt by the downstream catchment. Therefore, there is a need to explore the river, both for the urban reader, who does not see it, and the rural reader, whose voice is not being heard. For this, stories are an ideal medium. They are not only engaging, but also allow freedom for the narrator to express themselves freely. Contextualizing the larger themes of flooding, livelihood, impact to biodiversity and industrial pollution, this narrative will explore the challenges faced by Vrishabhavati as an entity and study the role that it plays in Bangalore’s peri-urban/ rural areas. The result of this project will be a bi-lingual print publication, in English and Kannada.

Start Date: May 2023

Bangalore Environment Trust – Nirmala Gowda, Madhuri Mandava, Dr. Nidhi Paliwal

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