Image Credit – Karthikeyan S.

Karnataka is home to more than 350 species of butterflies. However, there are hardly any books/field guides in Kannada which provide field identification cues or descriptions.

The project aims to prepare a field guide in Kannada helping in the identification of common butterflies. This in turn will help in creating awareness on the diversity of these winged wonders and facilitates conservation efforts.

The project will utilize the collective experience of the authors in field work and environmental education. The primary objectives include:

  1. Design an easy to use Field Guide about the Common Butterflies with good quality photographs and illustrations;
  2. Provide cues for field identification of the selected species;
  3. Enhancing observation and identification skills;
  4. Provide information on the ecological importance of Butterflies and their conservation

This is expected to facilitate quick learning amongst students of vernacular medium. The field guide will also help to build awareness at the local schools and communities, thus enabling them to appreciate the importance of the flora and fauna and their impact on the immediate environment. 

The previous project on the Kannada Field Guide on Common Avenue Trees by the same authors has been well received and appreciated for the compact Design and comprehensive Information.

Start Date: April 2023
Contact: T.S. Srinivasa
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