Sensing local aims to capacitate ward committees with technical knowledge and expertise in Solid Waste Management, in order to support and aid local area planning, budgeting and implementation of solutions. 

The two main components of the project will include the development of the following: Planning toolkit – Development of a Planning Framework for Zero Waste Wards, that is scalable and replicable across all 198 wards. (Will be piloted in 2 wards)

Technology selection tool – Development of a decision-making tool for the selection of technologies or a combination of them, in order to achieve maximum processing at the scale of a ward. (Will be piloted in 15 wards).

Project Start Date: April 2020
Sobia Rafiq,  

Status Report and Updates: 

This project has been successfully completed.

They continue to participate and support activities linked to the Citizen Participation Program for which they are a key partner. 

  • The latest webinar involved them giving a briefing session to Zonal citizen co-ordinators on decentralized waste management and the city system along with other partners

  • Their support inward 111 has resulted in allocation of land and now the commission of DPR preparation for developing an integrated waste management yard.