Who Feeds Bangalore: Day 2

Talk – 10.15 AM: Agro-cultural ecologies that shape the food system of and around Bengaluru
Speaker: Sheetal Patil, Azim Premji University

Sheetal Patil is a researcher at Azim Premji University, Bangalore. Her contribution to interdisciplinary empirical research has been in the areas of sustainability of smallholder agriculture in rural as well as peri- urban areas with specific focus on interlinkages between agroecology and social well-being.

Talk – 10: 45 AM: Farming in the City: linking urban agriculture to people’s wellbeing and urban sustainability
Speaker: Chandni Singh, IIHS – Indian Institute for Human Settlements

Dr. Chandni Singh is a researcher and faculty member at the Indian Institute for Human Settlements, Bangalore. She works on the interface of climate change adaptation and development with a focus on agrarian livelihoods and rural to urban migration.

Talk – 11.00 AM: Learning from Doing: experiences of urban agriculture in Bengaluru | Informal discussion with 4 invited practitioners and a facilitated Q&A
Speaker: Prathigna Poonacha – IIHS

Prathigna Poonacha is a researcher and faculty member at the Indian Institute for Human Settlements, Bangalore. Her work focuses on understanding climate change impacts and responses in urban and peri-urban geographies both from top-down and bottom up perspectives. Invited contributors/panel –
● Meenakshi – Home gardener
● Hariram – Balcony gardener
● Anamika Bist – Founder of community farming enterprise – Village Story
● Pooja Vasanth – Rooftop farming initiator at IIHS

12.00 PM | The Cook-Along

Using seasonal plants, tell us about the relationship you have with the city through a plate of food.

Join in LIVE on August 23rd as we bring all our ingredients together virtually and cook a dish that represents our relationship with the city.

Cook-Along Workshop: How does it work?

The cook-along workshop is a way for us to bring some of the seasonal produce in Bangalore, discuss it with the participants and also learn about the food, city, and you.

The cook-along is based on a seasonal calendar and will take place virtually on a video call along with Chef Johnson, Chef Mythrayie & Chef Avinash from LORE, a collaborative of chefs celebrating folklore and storytelling through food. LORE also transcends from yester-years way of denoting Bengaluru – Bangalore. They will take us through some of the produce and share some of their cooking techniques and recipes.

We believe that the food that makes up a city is more than just the recipes and its ingredients. It’s also the people who grow, sell, shop, cook and also those who share stories. Through this virtual cook-along, we would love to bring everyone together, and invoke the spirit of commensality, something that we could all use in these tough times.

After the cook-along, we will collect recipes and stories from the participants to put together a book which will be a compilation of different things that make the city and its food unique.

❖ Preparing for the workshop:

● Go through the seasonal calendar.
● Make sure you have all the ingredients you would need, all set up.
● Make sure you have a good internet connection on the day of the cook – along
● Participate in the cook-along, submit your responses later.

❖ Submission Guidelines:

Please fill out the form below and include any media (photos, file, videos) that you deem appropriate –

The City, Food, and You

Note: Although, we’d highly recommend you take part in the cook-along, if you can’t take part but would still like to contribute to the crowdsourced recipe book, you can submit your stories and recipes separately.

Please write to whofeedsblr@gmail.com if you have any questions or would need clarification.

❖ Seasonal Calendar:

As part of the cook-along, produced in collaboration with Dr. Prabakar Rao from Hariyalee Seeds, this seasonal calendar is a snapshot of produce that’s available in Bengaluru during the Shravaana month. Additionally, we have also listed down local producers who deliver/stock this produce. Check out the links that will help you with places from where you can buy those.

Head here to download the seasonal calendar.

As the seats for the workshop have currently been filled please register yourself on the waiting list. Participants will be informed on a first come first serve basis as to availability of a seat the day prior to the workshop.