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The varied impacts of a changing climate are now an inescapable reality for most of us. The factors exacerbating climate change are global in nature, but their impact on communities is very rooted in local realities. The resultant challenges have profound implications for our ecosystems, economies and social fabric. Extreme weather events also have a more pronounced impact on vulnerable populations and biodiversity. It therefore becomes imperative that we foreground resilience at individual and systemic levels. Holistic strategies that encompass adaptation and mitigation, technology and nature-based collective solutions, policy frameworks, and ethical processes are the need of the hour.

Cities are complex systems composed of interconnected infrastructure such as housing, water, power, healthcare, transport and each play parts in supporting a well functioning city. Moreover, this ties in with governance efforts towards important goals such as public health, waste management, biodiversity protection, food and water security, creation of socially inclusive and environmentally friendly community spaces, and protection of livelihoods.

This was BSF’s first in person retreat post the pandemic and it brought together a diverse group of people from various fields to discuss and explore climate resilience; from what it might mean and look like in real life for different sections of the society, to how it could be built in the spaces and communities in which the participants worked. The participants included climate researchers, social scientists, politicians, activists, journalists, citizens and practitioners working on democracy, sustainable food, and other related areas. We began with sharing what Climate Resilience meant to each participant and later went on to discuss 4 main aspects over the 2 days:

• Climate Realities and Local Capacities
• Infrastructures: Intent vs Impact and Politics of climate change
• Climate vocabulary and actionable climate science
• Adaptation strategies in climate action plans (CAP) and their implementation



    Aarthi Sridhar – Dakshin Foundation Aarthi Sridhar
    Founder Trustee,
    Dakshin Foundation
    About us - Rainmatter Foundation

    Aishwarya Sudhir,
    Lawyer, Air Quality and Health, Climate researcher

    About Us | BCC

    Ajay Raghavan
    Co-founder, Initiative for Climate Action

    Akshatha Venkatesha - C40 Cities

    Akshatha Venkatesha
    Bangalore City Advisor,
    C40 Cities

    Amaresh Belagal - Senior Associate-Environmental Sustainability -  Janaagraha Centre for Citizenship and Democracy | LinkedIn

    Amaresh Belagal
    Senior Associate, Enviormental Sustainability, Janaagraha

    Arpan Golechha.

    Arpan Golechha
    Senior Project Associate, WRI India


    Dr. Ashwin K Seshadri
    Divecha Centre for Climate Change (DCCC) , IISc.

    Ashwin Mahesh email address & phone number | Lvbl Founder contact  information - RocketReach

    Ashwin Mahesh
    Founder, Lvbl

    Avni Agarwal | WRI INDIA

    Avni Agarwal
    Senior Program Associate, WRI India

    Bhanu Sridharan, Author at Citizen Matters, Bengaluru

    Bhanu Sridharan
    Senior Reporter, Citizen Matters, Bengaluru

    Bhargavi Nagendra - Program Manager - Socratus Foundation for Collective  Wisdom | LinkedIn

    Bhargavi Nagendra
    Program Manager, Socratus Foundation for Collective Wisdom

    Chandni Singh - Indian Institute for Human Settlements

    Chandni Singh
    Senior Researcher,

    Domestic workers rights union

    About –

    Divya Narayanan
    Campaigner at Jhatkaa

    Elizabeth Yorke – City Scripts -2023

    Elizabeth Yorke
    Food researcher; Co-founder – Edible Issues

    Smt. Geetha Menon – Namma Bengaluru Awards

    Geeta Menon
    Stree Jagruti Samiti, Domestic Workers Rights Union

    Ike Uri - Brown Climate Social Science Network

    Ike Uri
    Brown University; Fellow, WRI Mumbai

    Indu K Murthy | LinkedIn

    Dr. Indu K. Murthy
    Climate, Environment and Sustainability at CSTEP

    Dr. Jagdish Krishnaswamy | Ashoka Trust for Research in Ecology and the  Environment

    Dr. Jagdish Krishnaswamy
    Dean, School of Environment and Sustainability, IIHS

    Jahnavi Phalkey
    Science Gallery Bengaluru,
    Dr Lakshmi Unnithan - Founder - TheDiverseLocal | LinkedIn

    Dr. Lakshmi Unnithan
    Agriculture journalist and Sustainability expert

    Domestic workers rights union

    Lalithamba Vishwanathaiah
    Bengaluru NavaNirmana Party

    Leo Saldanha | Unfiltered Truth - Q and A - CreativeMornings Bengaluru |  CreativeMornings/BLR Leo Saldanha
    Environment Support Group
    Manu V Mathai - Azim Premji University

    Manu Mathai
    WRI India

    P.S. Narayan
    Head of CSR, Wipro Foundation

    Padma Venkataraman
    India Climate Collaborative

    Team - Board Of Trustees

    Prarthana Ramesh

    Puneet B

    Puneet B
    Stree Jagriti Samiti (now GIZ)


    Radha Chanchani - Manager - WRI India | LinkedIn

    Radha Chanchani
    WRI India, Sustainable cities and transport


    Auto Drivers Association

    Sachin Prasad - Associate Program Manager at JUSPAY | The Org

    Sachin Prasad
    Juspay (Namma Yaatri)

    Satyajit Mayor
    K S Seshadri | Welcome to DH 19 in 2019

    Dr. Seshadri KS

    Supratheesh T. - Senior Program Associate - WRI India | LinkedIn

    Supratheesh T.
    WRI India

    Dinni Lingaraj
    Corporate Sustainability, Wipro Foundation

    Shweta Srinivasan | USEA | United States Energy Association

    Shweta Srinivasan
    India Climate Collaborative

    Domestic workers rights union
    Nakul Mohan Heble
    Program officer, Wipro Foundation
    Sravasti Datta | Author at STIRworld

    Sravasti Datta
    Journalist, editor at Citizen Matters