Traveling exhibition ‘Germany’s Energiewende’

Date: November  2019
National Center for Biological Sciences

‘Energiewende’ Or ‘Energy transition’ in English is a traveling exhibition on the German’s approach to transition from fossil fuels to renewable en-ergy while increasing energy efficiency at the consumer’s end. The exhibition was hosted by the Bengaluru Sustainability Forum, Sci-ence Gallery Bengaluru and the National Center for Biological Sci-ences (NCBS) and commissioned by the Indo-German Energy Forum (IGEF) and the German Consulate General Bengaluru. 

Prof. Tejal Kanitkar (NIAS), Amir Bazaz (IIHS), Martin Rohlmann (German general consulate), and Palak Aggarwal (Batti Ghar Founda-tion) opened the exhibition with a panel discussion on India’s energy future, led by Anandi Iyer, Fraunhofer India. 

The exhibition saw about 800 visitors across age groups, from within the campus community and outside. Elios Sprung (Indo-German-Energy forum) gave tours for school classes and university visitors, answering questions around energy generation and production. The NCBS in-house team gave an overview on energy usage on campus. The numbers came as a surprise to many in the audience and have hence led to significant reduction of energy usage. 

The exhibition concluded with a quiz on renewable energies, held by Berty Ashley. Some of the quizzers went home with a solar powered power bank as a reward. The campus improv group tailored a session to renewable energy, inspiring the audience to put on their thinking caps. The German Consul General, Mrs. Margit Hellwig-Boette and the Director of NCBS, Prof. Satyajit Mayor gave concluding remarks. Saptak Ghosh (C-STEP) introduced a collaboration with BESCOM where the rooftop solar potential across Bengaluru is evaluated and made accessible for every citizen. 

This exhibition was hosted on NCBS campus by Bengaluru Sustainabil-ity Forum, Science Gallery Bengaluru, InSTEM and NCBS. More information on the exhibition can be found here: