The Search

The Search on Church Street!

The Search was a free interactive mobile game which invited players to search 10 real-world locations on Church Street, scan the QR codes and unlock the clues to getting clean air and blue skies. It was an attempt to think about how exactly Air Quality impacts quality of life or how lifestyle choices can improve or deteriorate it
The Search was supported by DULT as part of the Church Street Clean Air Test bed carried out by DULT and Catapult.
Content development – Bengaluru Sustainability Forum and Science Gallery Bengaluru
Game development – Xarpie labs and Media Cannibal.
On-ground community engagement partner – Jhatka.
The game was available as part of the Church Street First initiative.

Take It Further!

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These feet are made for walking

Want to get on your feet to create a cleaner future, but don’t know where to start? Confused
about the various kinds of routes, trails and tracks present in the city? Why not join a runner’s
group where you can share your joys, and agonies on your journey to a fitter and faster self?
Over the past couple of years, Bangalore has developed a thriving running scene in various
neighbourhoods, which cater to various kinds of people. Whether you are a beginner or a
seasoned runner, there’s something for everyone!

Here’s a list of runner’s groups and meetups in the city –

Bangalore Runner’s Group

Geeks on Feet

Soles of Bangalore

And for the more academic oriented, here is some food for thought and some facts for dinner

A review of studies and academic literature

Can air pollution negate the health benefits of cycling and walking? Delve into numbers and
comparisons – where and when does cycling, running and walking outweigh potential harm of air
pollution here.

Inspiration from across the globe

Public transport is the future!

Public transport and pedestrianisation projects provide many benefits to people. Apart from
saving the commuter’s money and time, it offers significant environmental benefits and

contributes to a better quality of life. But have you ever wondered what the future of
transportation might look like? Will there be flying drones? Or jet -propelled shoes? Read what a
professor of transport strategy imagines public transport in the year 2045.

Four visions for the future of public transport

Pedaling to a green future

Cycling is the future of urban sustainability! Though its importance was neglected for a long time, today urban planners, civic bodies and citizen groups are working together to popularise cycling. Have you ever wanted to meet up with like minded people to plan rides, competitions or even to learn how to cycle? Then we’ve just the right plan in mind for you!  A bunch of volunteers meet up on Sunday mornings from 7.30 AM to 9 AM in Cubbon Park, and JP Nagar mini forest to teach adults the basics of cycling!

Reach them here.

While metro rail has become the solution for mass rapid transit in most Indian metros, transfer to and from stations, popularly known as the “first and last mile” connectivity remained a major concern to be dealt with. Read this paper to know how bicycle integration with metro stations can help more switch to sustainable modes of transport

We need a hero!

Writing, making comics or creating TV shows in the science fiction mode allows us to analyse the past, critique the present and imagine the future through myths and metaphors. The potential for science fiction as thought experiments and inspiration for a better tomorrow has been explored by scholars, writers and artists for a long time now. In India, science fiction readers and writers have been meeting up to share stories, ideas and criticisms about their favourite fictional worlds.


Join the Indian Science Fiction Club (previously called Bangalore Science Fiction Club), which invites sci-fi enthusiasts to read, watch, talk and write sci-fi every month!

Or drop by Goobe’s republic at end of Church Street  for a chat with Ravi Menezes on climate fiction, science fiction and other heroes that drive change

Reading As the Path to Transformation

Talking about the environment and pollution can be tricky, and for many of us, our first introduction to such themes has been through books and other media. One such book is the Silent Spring by biologist Rachel Carson, published in 1962, which describes the ill-effects of indiscriminate use of pesticides. It attracted the attention of pesticide and chemical lobby groups, but it also galvanized conservationists, ecologists, biologists, social critics, reformers, and organic farmers to join in the environmental movement.

Explore this exhibition by the Environment and Society Portal that pays an homage to this
book here.

Songs of Hope

From protest poetry to fundraiser concerts, music has played a crucial role in spreading the message of sustainability. We can use music to preserve the truth as we see and experience it, and share our stories with people who might otherwise not hear them. Musicians have brought people together by helping us feel united in our struggle and clarifying why it’s important to strive for a just and more peaceful world. One such musician is Indian Ocean’s Rahul Ram, who is well-known for not only making catchy tunes but contextualising his music in socio-political issues. Listen to him sing about how air pollution affects all of us, remixed from a classic melody that you would surely recognise here

Smell of Change is in the Air!

Air Pollution is often known as the Silent Killer because you can’t see or smell the pollutants that are all around us. But would the urgency of solving the problem of rising levels of air pollutants in cities be solved if you could taste them? The creative folks at Genomic Gastronomy want you to get a mouthful of smog! By whipping up egg whites and capturing air quality at certain polluted cities around the city of Bengaluru, researchers and chefs at Genomic Gastronomy have made a largely invisible problem a tangible (and edible) reality!

Know more about this project here: Smog Tasting – The Center for Genomic Gastronomy

Want to know more about air quality but don’t know where to start? Read this book which explains the ABCs of air quality. 

Tracking, Tracing and Teaching

Good outdoor air quality is fundamental to our well-being. Increasingly civic bodies, environmental activists and concerned citizen groups have been working together to bring our attention to the importance of improving air quality in Indian cities. Air Quality indicators have become as essential as a weather forecast when planning outdoor activities. But what are the common air pollutants, how are they measured and what do these measurements indicate?

Read this article by Urban Emissions which is a 101 guide to monitoring air quality