STRAINS project, a project of ATREE and BIOME environmental trust, tests the effect of small scale, low-tech decontamination strate-gic in-stream system prototypes for waste water treatment in storm-water drains built at Saul kere lake in Sarjapur.

Strategic in-stream systems (STRAINS) are a decentralized approach to waste-water treatment to address the huge gap in waste-water treatment in Bengaluru. These are small-scale, low-tech, in-stream decontamination strategies to be deployed and monitored over the course of 1 year. The aim is to prevent the contamination and eutrophication of urban lakes. The design and building of the prototype at Saul kere lake Sarjapur is completed. Now it is time to check on its effect and teach residents how to monitor the system. The data will be available to the public through the citizen dashboard, developed by ATREE.

By Priyanka Jamwal, ATREE and Shubha Ramachandran, BIOME

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Project Start Date: June 2019

Priyanka Jamwal, ATREE:
Shubha Ramachandran, BIOME:

Status report & updates:

32 Canna lily plants have been planted,16 plants in each constructed wetland consisting of Gravel and Terracotta as a filter media. The water pre and post the constructed wetland is sampled and tested bimonthly. 7 samples are collected and analyzed for organic (Faecal coliform, Biochemical oxygen demand (BOD), and Chemical oxygen demand (COD)) and inorganic (pH, Conductivity, Total nitrogen, Total phos-phorus, Ammonical nitrogen, Nitrate nitrogen, Orthophosphates, Total suspended solids (TSS)) parameters. 80% of BOD removal, 96% of COD removal and 97% of TSS removal has been seen due to the combination of Canna lily and the respective filter materials.

Publications based on the project:
Article on Science Direct

The project has been successfully completed.