Missing the Forest for the Trees
Pandemics, Biodiversity and the Circle of Life

Date: Thu 28 May 2020 6:30 pm – 8:00 pm

Addressing biodiversity and Climate Change seems to have been pushed aside by the coronavirus outbreak. It would be wise to bring it back to the centre of the discussion because it has long been known that the drivers of zoonotic diseases like COVID 19, are changes in land use from road building, mining, agriculture and rapid urbanisation that lead to diminishing forests and a loss of biodiversity.

As was noted at the World Economic Forum recently, the world has lost over 60 pc of all wildlife in the past 50 years while the number of new infections has quadrupled in about the same time frame.

Join Bangalore’s eminent biologists and environmental scholars as they join the dots on coronavirus, biodiversity and forests loss.


Uma Ramakrishnan, Molecular ecology & conservation

Harini Nagendra, Urban Ecological Sustainability

Satyajit Mayor, Moderator

Mahesh Sankaran, Ecology

In collaboration with the Bangalore International Centre