An Uncertain Winter

Film Synopsis:

This short film is an ode to life in the frozen desert, and the resilience of the women who call it home. Kibber at 4270m is one of the highest inhabited villages across the Himalaya. Farming communities, like the ones residing in Spiti valley, are especially vulnerable to climate change and its direct repercussions through fluctuating harvests. Women in these remote communities disproportionately bear the brunt of any crises that affects the region.

Filmmaker’s Bio:

Munmun Dhalaria, a NatGeo Explorer, is the director of MoonPeakFilms in India, which she founded in 2020, where she produces award-winning documentaries about nature, science, and social justice.
Good filming ethics while delivering high-quality cinematic films, is embedded in her practice. In 2019, she made her first film for NatGeo titled ‘The Jujurana’s Kingdom’.